About Us

About Us

Founded in 1997, by Doug himself, the father of six was looking to provide a service which met customers needs of quality (which at times seems to be a lost art in the removal world) involving reliability, care, clear communication all at affordable prices. So in his small courier van he began providing that service to a variety of customers.

Fast forward 10 years and an already established Doug needed more assistance, therefore he brought in eldest son Paul. With his high skills in technology and a keen eye for expansion Paul brought to the table new ideas, systems and of course an another truck. And since then it’s had a somewhat snowball effect, with Doug’s sons, Travis and Dean also jumping on board and bringing in their business creativity and determination.

And let’s not forget that behind every great man there is a great woman, with Doug’s wife working behind the scenes to make…let’s just say to help the wheels keep on turning! Along with many trained young men as jockeys, they make a pretty diverse team of workers.


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